Second Chance Kennels - £500 Xmas Giveaway

As it's the most wonderful time of the year , Fife Charities Trust have once again decided to donate £500 cheques to Charities/Community Groups nominated by our Board Members.

FCT member Janette Hope spent the afternoon down at Second Chance Kennels in Thornton with owners Frank and Ena Conyon where she met all the wee characters. Sadly, they have a constant number of dogs received from breeders who can’t use the dog for breeding any longer and so give them up.These wee female dogs are between 3-5 years old and have had multiple pregnancies, so when they arrive at the kennels looking for a forever home, they need spayed, inoculated and in lots of cases, need some human touch because they’ve been kept in outbuildings with continual litters of pups.

Pictured is Frank Conyon from Second Chance receiving his cheque from Janette. They were very appreciative of FCT generosity and thanked us on behalf of their dogs who were all very well behaved.

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