Distribution of Funds

Of the funds raised by the Lottery, 50% is for distribution to good causes nominated by Council Employees and 50% is for prize money. A small percentage of funds distributed can go to groups outwith Fife – but most of the money raised stays right here in Fife.


During 2016/17 some of groups which have received funding include Maggie's Fife, Lumphinnans Bowling Club, Kids Come First, Kingdom Theatre Company, Pink Saltire, Bowhill Rovers AFC, Fife Festval of Music, Homelands Trust, Womans Aid and  many more!


We need YOU to nominate charity and community groups to receive funding.   


Meetings are held approximately every six weeks to approve funding applications and groups nominated will be contacted direct once a decision has been made.


Charity and Community Groups seeking funding must be nominated by a Fife Council Employee.   

The group then complete pages 3 and 4 of the form, sign it and return it to Fife Charities Trust with the relevant supporting paperwork. 


The Fife Charities Trust Committee meet approximately every 6 weeks to discuss funding - which means there is no final closing date for applications! If you don't get it in before the closing date for one meeting, it will be considered at the next.


On average groups are awarded £500 - although groups have larger and smaller amounts - it all depends on what funds are available and what groups require funding for.

Download a copy of the FCT Funding Application Form from this page, complete your details on the front page of the form and then simply pass it on to a member of the charity or community group you are nominating - it's that simple.
Apply for Funding


If you would like to nominate a group then you can print off the FCT Funding Application Form, complete the front of the Form with your name, service and contact details and give it to the Treasurer/Secretary of the group you are nominating.  Ask them to complete the rest of the form and return it, along with any additional information required, to FCT.   

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