Fife Charities Trust is a group of Fife Council employees, all but one of whom are volunteers from various Services, who are involved in fundraising, for local community organisations and local, national and international charity organisations


Of the funds raised by the Lottery, 50% is for distribution to good causes nominated by Council Employees and 50% is for prize money. A small percentage of funds distributed can go to groups outwith Fife – but most of the money raised stays right here in Fife.


For information on some of the groups who have received funding, please go to our Distribution of Funds pages.


If you are an employee of Fife Council we need YOU to nominate charity and community groups to receive funding.   If you would like to nominate a group then you can print off the FCT Funding Application Form, complete the front of the Form with your name, service and contact details and give it to the Treasurer/Secretary of the group you are nominating. 


Ask them to complete the rest of the form and return it, along with any additional information required, to FCT.  


Meetings are held approximately every six weeks to approve funding applications and groups nominated will be contacted direct once a decision has been made.



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